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A full-range of services in a scalable, secure and easy-to-use REST-based API
for businesses and developers. It’s unlike anything you’ve seen before.

Risk-free Sandbox

Paper trading and market data help you start building your applications with no risk to you.

Fast, Streaming data

We make it simple to access streaming market data events from our robust HTTP-based API.

No strings attached

Signup and you will get immediate access to the APIs.
No gotchas. No fees. No, really.

Sandbox Developer

  • Free signup with no requirements
  • Delayed market data
  • Paper Trading coming soon
  • Account data and trading coming soon
  • Public and private Watchlists
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Brokerage Developer

  • Tradier Brokerage account required
  • Real-time market data
  • Live equities/Options trading
  • Account data and trading
  • Public and private Watchlists
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Business Developer

  • Call us about requirements
  • Real-time market data
  • Live equities/Options trading
  • Account data and trading
  • Public and private Watchlists
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More About Tradier Developer


All calls follow REST concepts and can be made with any language that supports a standard HTTP client.


We made the trading API as easy as possible. No specialized formats or message types. Simple POST parameters, just like any other API call.

OAuth 2.0

The new OAuth specification makes it easy to give users access to your application and quickly integrate it with web, mobile or desktop platforms.

Streaming Data

Realtime data APIs at your fingertips, from streaming data to live customer events, all available through a standard HTTP-based API.

“How-to” Docs

All the documentation is written to get you going quickly. You don’t need to know the right call, just what you want to do: “Place a trade” or “Create a watchlist.”


We’ve created example cURL requests for each API, showing you exactly how to create the request, send it to the API, and get a response.

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