Trade Link

We developed Trade Link to satisfy the needs of partners that are eager to integrate and want to provide immediate trading functionality to their customers. It provides straight-forward link-based integrations for web, mobile and desktop applications.

We've done our best to think through a lot of the use cases of these links, but if we missed something, please reach out to us at and let us know how we can help.

How it works

The Tradier Brokerage web site has a pre-built trade ticket that implements equity, options, multileg and combo orders. Any account holder can use the Tradier Brokerage web site to execute orders. In an effort to build on the work we've already done with this ticket, we've provided an interface to allow external parties to pre-populate a trading ticket based off of parameters.

You can use as few or as many parameters as needed to fill in the ticket. The only required parameters are the symbol and class of the order.

Base URL

Required Parameters

One of: equity, option, multileg, option
Any equity symbol

Optional Parameters

An OCC formatted option symbol. Example: AAPL140118C00195000
Equity order options: buy, buy_to_cover, sell, sell_short
Option order options: buy_to_open, buy_to_close, sell_to_open, sell_to_close
The quantity of the order
One of: day, gtc
For equity and option classes: market, limit, stop, stop_limit
Any combo and multileg classes: market, credit, debit, even
For limit, stop_limit, credit and debit types
The price of the limit, stop limit, credit, and debit

Example Links

Equity Order

Buy 100 SPY at Market (Day)

Option Order

Buy 5 SPY Jan. 19 2018 CALL $195 contracts at Market (Day)

Button Assets

You can use these buttons within your application, or feel free to create some of your own.

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